Budget-Friendly 35-Round SM9 MPX Mag

If your idea of fun is hanging out at the shooting range with some buddies, you can’t help but love the SIG Sauer MPX®. This little submachine gun, chambered in 9mm, is a blast to shoot, which makes it easy to go through a lot of ammo quickly. If you want to spend more time shooting and less time reloading, you should check out the new 35-round SM9 MPX Mag from THRiL. Consistent with other THRiL magazines, we think you’ll like what you see.

Introducing the New SM9 MPX Mag

The SM9 MPX Mag is a new 35-round 9mm magazine, which is designed for the Sig Sauer MPX. This is the second generation of the magazine for the Sig Sauer MPX and KM models, which seriously enhances the reliability of the magazine for different conditions and while using different ammunition. The robust design features a stability rib on the rear spine and stainless steel feed-lips to keep it feeding rounds with precision. The spring has been redesigned for this generation for more linear forces within the improved geometry, and the magazine features an elastomeric strike plate for additional impact resistance when it’s dropped. The ribbed, laser-textured grip makes it easy to intuitively grab in the field and reload quickly. There’s no more guessing where to grab it – just easy and smooth reloading. And of course, it’s made right here in the U.S.A. But the best part is you can get this ergonomic 9mm magazine for a bargain price of about $40, which is much cheaper than even the stock magazine. For this price, you can load up on a few to include in your range bag.

Testing the SM9 MPX Mag

That sounds great and all, but how does it measure up and actually perform in the field? To answer that, check out the video below from Green Light Shooting, where the new SM9 MPX Mag was put to the test. 

As you can see in the video above, this THRiL magazine made a good impression with Green Light Shooting. They shot 200-250 rounds through the gun in short order and using the SM9 MPX magazine, and they had zero malfunctions with reloading or swapping out mags in the field. One feature they especially liked with this mag was the increased capacity over the stock 30-round magazine, even though it is only about ¼” longer than the stock mag. That’s fairly impressive given the additional five rounds in the magazine. They also liked the hand-feel on the magazine, which made reloading very easy and intuitive. You instantly know if you’re gripping it in the right spot and you can snap it into place almost without looking. The one and only drawback they noted was that they liked the transparency of the stock mag so they could see how many rounds they had left. Considering everything, that’s a fairly minor critique for the benefits you get with this impressive magazine. 

If you have a SIG Sauer MPX, check out the new SM9 MPX Mag by THRiL. It’s a high quality, durable, and ergonomic magazine to add to your collection for a much better price than the competition.

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