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THRiL RTG AR Grip Review

Balance, precision, safety, and comfort with your AR platform rifle are all related to your rifle’s grip. A positive and rugged AR grip that fits your hand and is non-slip under various shooting conditions is the keystone between shooter and rifle. Whether you are customizing a factory-built rifle at home, or building an AR platform rifle from scratch, the combination of rifle components (like barrel, trigger, forend, and grip) work together to build a rifle that is accurate, dependable, and comfortable to shoot.

The THRiL Rugged Tactical Grip (RTG) is a fantastic choice for your rifle when you’re looking for quality, value, versatility, durability, and improved agility with your AR15 or M4 rifle receiver.  

Thrill rugged tactical grips rtg black

AR Rifle Grip Ergonomics 

The RTG by THRiL is designed for fast paced, rigorous tactical use with a lasered positive grip and its improved 19.5 degree grip angle. These features promote dexterity, and responsive weapon movement without adding unnecessary weight. Perfect for bare hands or gloved hands alike, the vertical throw of the RTG is designed to fit perfectly in the well of your hand without adding anything extra to snag during operation.

Rugged Tactical Grip Value

THRiL is an American company, proudly producing products in the USA. THRiL products are built with quality, fit, and durability in mind. Utilizing impactresistant polymers that are impervious to moisture, the RTG is a solid anchor for your rifle platform. Designed to fit popular AR platforms from rimfire to an AR10 rifle, and priced under $20, the RTG fits your rifle and your budget. THRiL is working to help you get a grip on your favorite rifle. 

AR Rifle Platform Versatility 

When Armalite created the AR platform, the design was simple and practical, keying in on standard and interchangeable components. Through the decades, AR manufacturers and makers of components and rifle accessories have largely followed suit, developing a rifle system that is amazingly versatile, adaptable, and customizable. The rifle products produced by THRiL fit this model to a T, offering shooters the perfect fit for their rifle and application. The RTG is a dynamic product made to fit a variety of AR and M4 platforms. A grip upgrade on your AR platforms can include: 

  • AR Rimfire Plinker  For high doses of cost effective ammo down range, or low recoil trigger time, snugging a RTG on your AR platform rimfire shooter is the perfect fit. 
  • AR Combat Rifle  Whether you are a professional operator working in the public or the private sector, or a tactical enthusiast training and shooting on your off hours, the RTG is one of those tactical accessories that’s made to go to work on your rifle of choice. 
  • Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) AR Platform  The slightly thinner grip and ergonomic 19.5 degree angle on the RTG is the perfect fit for your SBR, promoting intense tactical feedback, responsive weapon movement, and improved agility.  
  • Modern Sporting Rifle  Maybe your AR platform rifle doubles as your meat on the table AR hunting rifle, or you’ve built an AR style rifle in any number of calibers to fit your needs during hunting season. The rugged polymer RTG provides a secure grip for accurate shots in the field when the opportunity to fill your tag presents itself. 

Tactical, Hunting, Recreation, and Loyalty (THRiL) are foundational components of the RTG for your AR platform rifle. Made in America of quality polymers to exacting standards to fit your rifle, the RTG offers the perfect ergonomic choice and value for your AR rifle upgrade or build. 

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